I failed the first time I took the exam, even though I had bought a review book online. I just never really studied much. Then, a friend told me to use ThinkTime and I did. It was so much easier to prepare for the exam with the practice tests and Knowledge Notes. Thank goodness I passed. But I did not have to spend a lot of money to retake the test. I wish I had found ThinkTime earlier.


I was fairly confident in English and Reading, but I was worried about Math. The money I spent on the practice exams and the Knowledge Notes was well worth it. They refreshed my memory and I only had to work on the areas I missed.


I bought the value package because I was nervous about the exams. It had been a long time since I had seen some of that information. I'm so glad I did. I passed and saved taking expensive re-takes.


ThinkTime was so easy to use! After I passed the exam, I realized how accurate it was for test preparation.


I have test anxiety, so ThinkTime was perfect for me. The tests were in the exact format of the state exams. I felt ready after I took the practice exams and read through the notes.


I loved the Knowledge Notes! I knew I wasn't going to read all those pages of text in those other manuals. ThinkTime used bulleted cards and I could focus in on what I missed on the practice exams.