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  • Our practice exams simulate the real test by having a running clock on your screen.
  • The question make-up of ThinkTime exams exactly mirrors the format of the FTCE exams. For example, if the state exam includes 6 questions addressing geometric equations, then so does the ThinkTime practice exam.
  • Once we grade your practice exam, you will receive immediate feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • There is a tutorial explanation for each test question.
  • Refresh your content knowledge using our Knowledge Notes study guides. These handy study cards highlight the most important concepts in each content area.  Many study guides expect you to read hundreds of page covering a mass of information. This is ineffective! ThinkTime has done the work for you by pulling out the most important concepts to study!
  • ThinkTime exams are written by experts in the field with doctoral and specialists degrees in education. You are learning from the best.
  • Choose a Testing Plan that is right for you. Most of our patrons who have passed the test on the FIRST sitting recommend purchasing the Best Value package that is, well, the best value! It includes practice exam/s and the Knowledge Notes. The more practice, the more confidence and the more success.
  • You do have the option to purchase practice exams and Knowledge Notes individually.This appeals to patrons who feel they are almost ready but know the value of testing their knowledge one more time before the big day.

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